From the start of playing Eve Online this „Autopilot“ problem was getting on my nerves. If you have large distances to travel and activate the autopilot, it does not warp you to zero (0) of the jumpgate, but you end up 2.000m, 3.000m or even 5.000m away from it. So in a slow ship you have massive travel time to calculate in. Of course you could sit there and click the Afterburner icon etc, but where is the sense in flying Autopilot then?

The solution to this actually quite simple. Get an autoclicker tool. As I am using Linux, this tool is XClicker. Easy to use, available in several packages (Appimage, deb, etc) and very easy to configure. Just install, set the coordinates for the „Jump“ button and hit F8. Tadaaaa!

This will also „dock“ you at your station,as the „Dock“ button is at the same position.